2017 – 18 Budget: Community Development Programme

What was announced in the 2017 Budget?

  • Remote job seekers will be better supported to get a job and make a positive contribution to their community. In particular, Indigenous youth will benefit under these changes.
  • The Government will consult with Indigenous communities and stakeholders on a new employment and participation model for remote Australia to deliver better engagement for remote job seekers and a clear pathway to employment.
  • While the Community Development Programme (CDP) has been a success, more needs to be done to break the cycle of welfare dependency and ensure job seekers are more engaged. The new model will be community focused working with job seekers to take up work or contribute to their community.
  • The separate targeted compliance model for jobactive regions will not apply to job seekers under the CDP. Current arrangements will continue while the Government consults on how the new model could build on many of the positive elements of the former Community Development and Employment Programme.
  • The Government is also investing $11.0 million to develop and implement a CDP youth engagement strategy in collaboration with local schools. This will support young people in communities including through the employment of youth workers to transition young people into training and employment.
  • The CDP will be excluded from most changes to income support that are being announced in this Budget, so that the Government can work out, with communities, what will work best for remote Australia. Remote job seekers under the CDP will be exempt from:
  • the new Targeted Compliance Framework;
  • trials to drug testing for Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance (other) Recipients in targeted areas; and
  • the removal of exemptions due to drugs or alcohol misuse.

Key facts

  • The CDP is succeeding; it has supported remote job seekers into 14,680 jobs and achieved 4,887 six-month employment outcomes (as at 31 March 2017).

More information

For information about the 2017 Budget, visit the Australian Government Budget website (www.budget.gov.au).