2017-18 Budget: Strengthening Indigenous research & evaluation

What was announced in the 2017 Budget?

  • Indigenous Australians will benefit from investment in building the evidence to better direct funding on the ground and deliver better outcomes.
  • A plan to deliver best-practice policies and programmes for Indigenous Australians by assessing what works, and what hasn’t worked through a new plan for evidence and evaluation.
  • $50 million for research and evaluation across Indigenous Affairs programmes, and research into policy and implementation that will assist in the next phase of Closing the Gap, as committed by the Prime Minister in his 2017 Closing the Gap Statement.
  • In addition, the Productivity Commission will develop and implement a strategy for policies and programs impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, to be reported against by all Australian Government agencies. A specialist Commissioner will lead this work.

Key facts

  • $40 million over four years to strengthen the evaluation of Indigenous Affairs programmes. This evaluation will be underpinned by a formal Evidence and Evaluation Framework to strengthen reporting, monitoring and evaluation at a contract, programme and outcome level. $10 million will be invested to create a research fund that will be co-designed with experts in research, data and analysis.
  • $2.9 million will be reprioritised from the Indigenous Advancement Strategy over four years to fund the enhanced role of the Productivity Commission.
  • These measures will be designed and implemented in close consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. This reflects the Australian Government’s absolute commitment to a new way of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in genuine partnership.

More information

For information about the 2017 Budget, visit the Australian Government Budget website (www.budget.gov.au).