Making it easier for older Territorians to claim the Age Pension

The Coalition Government is speeding up the Age Pension claim process and making the lodgement process easier for older Territorians.

Country Liberals Senator for the Northern Territory, Nigel Scullion, said the Coalition Government was streamlining the Age Pension claim process and improving the user experience for those who claimed online.

“The processing of Age Pension claims has been changed to reduce the number of steps required – meaning shorter claim processing times for all claimants,” Senator Scullion said.

“The online claim for the Age Pension has been overhauled to give a better user experience, making it easier and faster to claim online. Applicants can now check the status of their claim online through the online Claim Tracker tool, removing the need to call the Department of Human Services.

“Also, the department’s webpages regarding the Age Pension have been improved to provide clearer advice on eligibility, including the requirements regarding age, income, and assets.

“More than 10 per cent of claims in 2015-16 were rejected as they lacked crucial information. The new online claim will help to ensure more claims contain all the information needed to be processed quickly. Online applications are automatically saved as they are being completed, meaning people can come back and finish their claim later when they have all the right information.

“Staff are available to support anyone needing help over the phone or if required, at a Service Centre. Additionally, paper forms are still available on the department’s website for those who are unable to use the online channel.

“These practical changes are aimed at saving time and providing a better experience for older Territorians as they claim the Age Pension.”

Older Australians are reminded they can submit a claim up to 13 weeks prior to reaching Age Pension age. If there is any change to their circumstances during this time, they must advise the department within 14 days.