Daly Dam Threat a Complete Sham

Labor has been caught out again simply making stuff up to hide their absolute failure to govern for all Territorians, said Senator Scullion today.

“The failed minister and member for Daly has been spreading fabricated stories about the federal coalitions plans for the Daly river.

“I wish to make it absolutely clear that there are no plans to dam the Daly, said Senator Scullion.

“To put an end to the Labor nonsense, and end any possible confusion, I urge all Territorians to read where this issue started.

“For the record this whole sorry saga started from a page 1 story in the Weekend Australian dated Saturday 17/9/2011. The applicable paragraph is reproduced below:

A Coalition policy development taskforce headed by opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb is eyeing projects across the Top End, including the third stage of the Ord River project in Western Australia and the Daly River in the Northern Territory, and developing dams that have been on the drawing board in far north Queensland on the Gilbert and Flinders rivers.

“If the member for Daly had read the article he would know that there never was a proposal to dam any rivers in the Territory let alone the Daly, said Senator Scullion.

“To paint yourself as some sort of hero in your electorate by riding in to prevent a dam that never was or never will be built is the action of a desperate and failed person, said Senator Scullion.

“All the people who are outraged as a result of this con should turn their outrage back onto the member for Daly and vote him out of office, said Senator Scullion.

“I am sure the Labor members of parliament who have been misled by their fool of a colleague would love to take him to task over his latest stuff up.

“Unfortunately I live in hope on this one but the clear lesson is that you simply cannot trust Labor, said Senator Scullion.

Download media release:
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